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“A great life lesson about thinking outside of the box.” Review for Hopping Hot

The Madhouse family have reviewed the third Hedgehugs adventure which sees Horace and Hattie try and figure out a way to play their favourite hopping game in the heat or summer.


“We love The Hedgehugs here at The Madhouse so we were delighted when we received the latest adventures of prickly pals Horace and Hattie to devour.

Hedgehop Spread2 LR RGB JPEG

We always love watching how they work through different solutions until they find something (often quite unexpected and accidental) that works for them – a great life lesson about thinking outside of the box and using whatever you have at hand along with a bit of imagination.

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The book also gives lots of great ideas for simple but fun activities, such as making pretty patterns in the autumn leaves.

The story is lovely but it’s the beautiful illustrations that really bring it to life.” 

Hopping Hot will be released 28th January and is available for pre-order here.

Read the full review here.