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“A great, fun book which kids are going to enjoy.”

Sue from The Bookbag has written a lovely review for the newest Ever So addition, Bossy Jonathan Fossy!

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“It’s a lovely story, written in rhyme, which fairly zips along as you wonder at Jonathan’s dreadful behaviour and then savour his suffering, on board, of all places, a pirate ship with some people who have a very long list of jobs which have to be done immediately, if not sooner. No Jonathans are harmed in the making of this story, but please do try to remain dignified as you giggle at his discomfiture: the tears running down the face is so not a good look.

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Children enjoy stories about other kids behaving badly and the message that this sort of behaviour really isn’t acceptable is subtle but consistent. It’s a great, fun book which kids are going to enjoy and which is no problem to read again, and again, and…”

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Thank you for the great review! Along with introducing Jonathan Fossy to Hamilton Shady, we have upgraded Julie Fulton‘s Ever So books! They now have bright new covers and snappy new titles. Check them out below.

Vain Dorothy JaneLR RGB JPEG Loud Daniel O'Dowd LR RGB JPEG Nosy Tabitha Posy LR RGB JPEG Greedy Mrs MaCready LR RGB JPEG

Read Sue’s full review here.

Buy Bossy Jonathan Fossy here.