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‘A great book’ Fab review for Yuck! Said the Yak at From Baby to Brontë

We’ve just spotted a wonderful review for Yuck! said the Yak by Alex English with illustrations by Emma Levey at From Baby to Brontë:

We really enjoyed this story… I like the way that yak turns out not to be a fussy eater, actually, in the end. He’d just been offered the wrong things. He points out that all yaks like grass, and Alfie’s offers, though well-intentioned, were ill-informed. It’s a good lesson for us sometimes, when we think we know best for our children or pupils, to remember not to push or own preferences and assumptions onto others. Sometimes we need to ask the questions and listen rather than just giving what we think is best. We’re all different, right?

A great book. Thanks for the choice, Daddy!’

Thanks! Read the full review here and buy a copy here