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‘A delightful book to share on a blustery day’ Hedgehugs Hide and Squeak a Halloween pick at Books for Boys!

Books for Boys selected Hedgehugs Hide and Squeak by Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson as one one of their Halloween reads this month!

This is the perfect book to share with little ones on a crisp autumn day so we read this book all snuggled up under a blanket as the wind blew outside.

This book follows two hedgehog friends Hattie and Horace as they play together in the fallen leaves and bramble bushes. Hattie is sad though because the trees are bare and Horace like the true companion he is helps to cheer her up by hanging the leaves back on the branches! As they are playing, Hattie and Horace hear a Squeak coming from the tree and a new friendship forms between the prickly pals and a new creature-an adorable purple bat who likes to play hide and squeak!

They have so much fun as they camouflage themselves against natures backdrop hiding in pine cones, amongst conkers and even inside a juicy pumpkin. We loved this gorgeous picture book, it was so much fun and celebrates the wonderful changing season of Autumn. October is a beautiful month and the illustrations in this new picture book are beautiful too.’

Thank you!


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