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‘A comedy treat!’ Sparkling review of Clumpety Bump from Books for Bairns!

Kirsty at Books For Bairns gave a big thumbs up for Phil Allcock‘s new picture book Clumpety Bump, illustrated by Richard Watson:

The Bairn’s favourite part is when he can trace his finger over the lovely double page spread when Wally and Clumpety work together.  This beautiful illustration is just one of many fun additions to the story from Richard Watson.  His comedic characters really work well with Allcock’s words and bring out the playfulness of Clumpety the horse in particular.  Every scene plays out in hilarity thanks to the wonderful expressiveness Watson has given Wally and Clumpety.  Furthermore, I love all the little details on each page of the other animals like frogs, deer, moles, squirrels and a fox – the Bairn loved spotting them all and shouting out the animal names.

I think this is a fantastically funny book from Phil Allcock and Richard Watson and already I want more again from this sharp picture book duo.

This gets a massive thumbs up from the Bairn and is a refreshing read for the end of the summer blues. I think everyone will like this book, there are no ‘horses for courses’ here!’

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Thanks Kirsty (and Bairn)!

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