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“A combination of colourful, quirky characters, bold illustrations and addictive, sing-along rhyming verse.”

At Maverick, some of our characters are too big for just one book and the biggest and boldest characters of all are, of course, the bizarre citizens of Hamilton Shady. Julie Fulton‘s Ever So series, featuring some of Hamilton Shady’s slightly flawed characters, has become an everlasting favourite. So with the fifth book due for release, we decided to give the whole series a bit of a lift, with brand new covers and new titles. So far everyone loves Ever So’s new look and they have welcomed new comer, Bossy Jonathan Fossy, with open arms!

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Pam, who writes for the Lancashire Evening Post, has written a brilliant review for the whole series.

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Bossy Jonathan Fossy

“Julie Fulton and Elina Ellis’ magical mix of bright, bold pictures, entertaining rhymes and hilarious antics will have kids laughing from first page to last as Jonathan learns that lending a hand is far better than handing out orders!”

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Loud Daniel O’Dowd

“This is a delightful little cautionary tale about the value of unusual talents, and listening to what other people have to say. Julie Fulton’s inventive, flowing and addictive verse is transformed into action through Elina Ellis’s enchanting and larger-than-life illustrations.”

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Vain Dorothy-Jane

“Musical maestro Julie Fulton is on top form in a story that delivers a moral message as well as laugh-out-loud moments with its eye-catching pictures, madcap antics and effervescent rhymes.”

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Nosy Tabitha Posy

“Julie Fulton’s entertaining sing-song rhyme and Jona Jung’s colourful and expressive illustrations bring to life a hilariously quirky heroine and funny, captivating story.”

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Greedy Mrs MacCready

“ Jona Jung’s outsize, cartoon-like illustrations are a feast for the eyes and the perfect match for Julie Fulton’s tasty, tantalising rhymes. A deliciously funny story with a larger-than-life message…

A combination of colourful, quirky characters, bold illustrations and addictive, sing-along rhyming verse make these appealing stories, set in the funny, fictional town of Hamilton Shady, a favourite with younger children.”

Thank you for the fantastic review, Pam! Read the full review here.

You can get your own copies of the Ever So books below:

Greedy Mrs MacCready

Nosy Tabitha Posy

Vain Dorothy Jane

Loud Daniel O’Dowd

Bossy Jonathan Fossy