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‘A brilliant story to be read out aloud’ Cosmochicklitan giggles through the Mitey Bitey!

Heidi and her young daughter at Cosmochicklitan recently giggled their way through Beware the Mighty Bitey by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Susan Batori:

‘Receiving this book in the post made us giggle quite a bit. 

In this enjoyable children’s book, it is not necessarily the sweet music that Mouse, Goat and Bear play that interest the Mighty Bitey Piranhas most, but these devious hungry sharp teethed fish are after something else entirely. 

With plenty of sing-song and expressive words, this book makes for a brilliant story to be read out aloud. And just when you think the story can only go one way – you are completely taken by surprise. As far as endings go, this was certainly eyebrow-raising and definitely unexpected.’

Thanks, Heidi!

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