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‘A bright and funny book’ Book Murmuration enjoys shopping at The Wondrous Dinosaurium!

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Louise at Book Murmuration recently reviewed The Wondrous Dinosaurium by John Condon with illustrations by Steve Brown which is publishing next week:

‘A total treat for little dinosaur lovers who have dreamed of having a dinosaur of their own. The Dinosaurium and its owner Mr Ree bring a touch of magic to the everyday world. The rhythm of Mr Ree’s speech keeps the story rolling along. No matter how many times Danny returns his pets, Mr Ree has more dinosaurs to sell. 

This would be a great book for teaching adjectives. Mr Ree describes his dinosaurs to Danny – he has chewy ones, slurpy ones, licky ones and burpy ones. The illustrations reinforce these descriptions and add a touch of humour (see Danny covered in dinosaur slobber.) The illustrations are bright and full of character.’

Thanks, Louise!

Read the full review here and buy a copy here