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6 New Graphic Reluctant Readers announced for August 2018!

6 brand new Graphic Readers designed for reluctant teenage readers will join the 4 titles already published on the 28th August!

The range is designed to encourage reluctant readers to enjoy engaging stories. The story itself is broken down into short speech bubbles and narrative boxes, so readers can build up their reading stamina on short, easily achievable blocks of text. There is also a page at the beginning of the book, which sets out the characters and settings so that those that struggle with making inferences can feel more confident before they even begin to read the story.

‘The Graffix readers are engaging, short, comic style stories thoughtfully structured to support struggling readers and help build their confidence. A walkthrough section at the beginning provides context that can help readers feel familiar with and therefore more prepared to approach the main text, while the quiz-like questions at the end offer a fun way to check understanding and develop inference-making skills.

The brief, accessible blocks of text combined with fantastic, clear illustrations ensure an appealing read and although told simply, the stories are diverse and interesting. We particularly love the Helix series that features superhero teenagers battling evil Chayos robots, the cliffhangers at the end of each volume had us quickly moving onto the next!’

The Learning Hub at the Institute of Education, University of Reading

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More information on the 6 forthcoming titles coming soon!