‘We think children will love these fun, original stories.’ Topmarks Reviews Our Latest Batch of Readers

Topmarks, one of the UK’s leading independent educational sites have reviewed our latest batch of Purple, Gold and White banded Early Readers, and a selection of Lime, Brown and Grey Chapter Readers;

We were really excited to receive the latest selection of Maverick Early Readers and Chapter Readers. We’ve been fans for some time of the engaging Maverick Early Readers titles, which are a stepping stones to the Chapter Readers, and the new titles certainly don’t disappoint.

These latest releases will appeal to children either in a school or home setting. We are impressed with the fabulous range of characters. They include children with superpowers, characters who overcome disabilities in spectacular ways, a girl with magic hair, best friends who were ghost hunters and not forgetting the boy who accidentally turned himself invisible!

The additions to the Early Readers range are from the purple, gold and white book bands, in line with the Institute of Education’s colour banding. The gold and white bands include short chapters as an introduction to the new format. They have great illustrations which are still important for children who are at this transition stage. The books are around 800 to 1000 words long.

The new Maverick Chapter Readers are designed to follow on from the Early Readers and go from the lime to grey band. They have a smaller font, slightly fewer illustrations and are longer texts to build reading stamina in preparation for junior fiction titles. Each of the chapters fall at a natural break in the story, which is useful if children prefer to read the book in stages. Each of the Chapter Readers has a ‘Discussion Points’ questions section which is useful for checking comprehension of the text whether verbally or in written form.

If you are wanting to replace or top up your school’s existing reading scheme stocks or looking to support your child’s reading at home then the Maverick Early Readers and Chapter Readers are well worth consideration. They’re robust, well produced and each one has been written in consultation with an educational specialist. We think children will love these fun, original stories.

Thanks, Sue and the team!
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