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Tim Tams

timtamsGreetings all. It’s Detective Jack reporting from the baking hot Australian outback. My trusty side-kick Deputy Poco Loco has been complaining that we are cycling at a poodle’s pace. There are just so many fascinating animals to meet – wallabies, koalas and kangaroos.

Just the other day a most friendly kangaroo stopped to chat and offered us the tastiest cookies of all – Tim Tams.  I just love that name, Tim Tam. Mmmm… Two layers of mouth watering chocolate biscuit, surrounding a fluffy chocolate cream filling, dipped in a thin layer of the most delectable milk chocolate. Of course I had to eat the whole packet. It is mighty hot out here and I didn’t want them to melt you see. Oh ahhh, you really must try these cookies sometime.  It is worth the trip to Australia.