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‘This was a book I didn’t know we needed’ Literate Littles Review Halloween Treat ‘Which Nose For Witch?’

This was a book I didn’t know we needed 😍 it’s all about a witch called Grizelda who needs to pick her grown up witchy nose… but she isn’t impressed by the choiceas and makes a bold choice.

We really loved the fast paced writing through this, it really made the book exciting! The rhymes were great as well, we had such fun trying to predict them!

It was great to see a book fighting the stereotype of witches having funny noses, and for a girl to rebel and fight against tradition.

We loved the Conk Boutique too, it really made Noah laugh! We found this part made it really interactive too, picking out which noses we would have and pretending we were wearing them!

Really enjoyed this book, highly recommended!

Thank you so much Alice! 
You can read the full review and check out more from Literate Littles on their Instagram feed here!
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