‘This story had me giggling throughout. […] a great addition to any pirate collection.’ Pirates Vs Monsters is a Hit at Youth Services Book Review

Pirates Vs. Monsters is sailing into the US this April, but former Youth Services librarian, Kristin has ported herself a copy; 

Pirates Hector, Sue and George are crafty, bold and all very proud about besting some of the most grizzly, gruesome monsters. But are they telling the truth? A few new visitors might just set the record straight…

Rating: 1-5 (5 is an excellent or a Starred review) 5

This story had me giggling throughout with the silly rhymes of some boastful pirates. In this story, the reader meets three pirates, Hector, Sue, and George. Each pirate takes turns bragging about their amazing skills in defeating some very terrifying monsters. These monsters include a Hockler who can spit poison in your eyes, the Crunk, a two-headed monster who can eat and sleep at the same time, and a Muncher who actually ate George’s left leg. The pirates are so busy laughing and telling their tales that they do not see an ominous ship arriving in the harbor. Just as they finish their last story of how they defeated all these monsters, there is a huge knock at the door — and who should be at the other side of the door but Hockler, Crunk and Muncher. As it turns out, the pirates’ stories were totally false and they ran away in fear of these creatures. Now it is the monsters’ turn to tell their side of the story.

The illustrations provided by Lee Cosgrove are hilarious and children will love seeing the silly little things hidden in the pictures–especially the monster’s ship slowly arriving in the harbor in the distance.

This book is perfect for children between the ages of four and seven years old, especially if they are pirate fans. The rhyming nature of the text is entertaining and this will appeal to a wide audience.

Who should buy this book? Public and elementary school libraries, preschools, daycare centers, anyone who works with children between the ages of four and seven years old.

 Should we (librarians) put this on the top of our “to read” piles? Yes, great addition to any pirate collection.

Thank you Kristin!
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