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‘This is the most engaging and entertaining biographical book aimed at children that we have read.’ Nourished By Books Reviews Julie Fulton’s, Mister T.V.

Lucy and her little’uns over at Nourised By Books have delved into Julie Fulton’s first narrative non-ficiton picture book, based on the life and inventions of television extraordinaire, John Logie Baird.

John Logie Baird loves inventing things! When he hears about another inventor who has built a machine to show real live pictures, John sets about trying to do the same. Equipped with bits and bobs found in his house, John begins a journey which will change the course of history forever.

Mister T.V. is a narrative non-fiction following the life of John Logie Baird and the story behind the invention of the television.

📺Did you know John Logie Baird managed to put the whole of Glasgow into black out by trying to make diamonds?

📺This is just one of the comical snippets of information given in Mister TV (@maverick_books ) that makes this biographical book so entertaining and engaging.

📺This book is so easy to read and digest! It has subtle, but hugely important, features such as repeated phrases and catch suspense builders, the reader knows that as soon as they see the’ ‘I wonder’ speech bubble and hearing that John started to ‘collect bits and pieces’, that another hilarious calamity is just around the corner.

📺The illustrations are equally comical and have lots of wonderful details that not only bring the story to life, but also add context to the period this book is set in. They are also very bold and colourful which I think adds to what makes this book so engaging.

📺We love stories about people who have overcome setbacks and adversity to achieve something wonderful and John Logie Baird certainly had his fair share of set backs! He kept going and his perseverance paid off.

📺This is the most engaging and entertaining biographical book aimed at children that we have read. We can’t wait to read ‘A Super Sticky Mistake!

Thank you @maverick_books for gifting us this wonderful book!

Thank you Nourished By Books!
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