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‘This is a hilarious story with a highly likable main character.’ The Knight Who Might Hits The Mark For Helen Ishmurzin

Helen Ishmurzin has read and reviewed the newest, giggle-inducing picture book from Lou Treleaven, The Knight Who Might. Illustrated by Kyle Beckett.

The eponymous knight regularly falls off of his horse when attempting to ride it, gets his sword stuck in trees and can’t even put his helmet on properly. And yet, these simple facts don’t dampen his boundless enthusiasm, not do they deter him from entering a tournament, where he will face The Lord With the Scary Looking Sword…

This is a hilarious story with a highly likable main character (plus a talking horse, talking sword and talking helmet thrown in for extra entertainment value!). The catchy, upbeat refrain of “I might” not only gives the story an enjoyable rhythm, but also conveys a vitally important message to child readers: Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

The knight and his trusty sidekicks are brought to life beautifully by Kyle Beckett’s expressive illustrations. Little details, such as the horse attempting to hide behind a leaf and the sword wearing a disguise of glasses and a beard, further increase the comedic effect of this fun-packed picture book.

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The Knight Who Might is galloping into shops October 28th! Pre-Order here.