‘These chapter books have been an absolute hit in our house’ Reading with 2 Boys Reviews Our Latest Readers

Our brand new batch of Chapter Readers have been a hit with first-time Maverick reviewer, Reading with 2 Boys. Thanks to Aanchal and her little ones for taking a look at these readers, so glad they’ve been thoroughly enjoyed.

The Haunted Baking Club, Written by Alison Donald, Illustrated by Kaley McCabe – This is a story of two friends Sam and Sarah who are ghost hunters and goes to a haunted school. They searched for ghosts everywhere other than the kitchen. Luckily through a baking club, they get access to the kitchen and one fine day they confirm that there is definitely a ghost in the kitchen who loves to bake. But who is it? Why is it here? Is it trying to send out a message?
❣️ Narration is funny and exciting with beautiful pictures on-page. A ghost story, who wouldn’t like it 🙂

Invisible Ivan, Written by Katie Dale, Illustrated by Max Rambaldi – This is a story of Ivan who loves spending time with his great aunty Polly. One day they were playing a game of invisible ink writing when accidentally the ink spills on Ivan and he becomes invisible. When mom returns home, she is worried about not able to find Ivan, while all the time Ivan can see and hear everyone. Will Aunty Polly be able to make Ivan visible again?
❣️ Humorous narration & illustrations, a story about a boy who becomes invisible. Kids will definitely want to do this trick at home too 🙂 We made our own invisible ink after reading the book.

The Me in Chameleon, Written by Jenny Jinks, Illustrated by Gal Weizman – Cam loves being a chameleon, he loves to do things in his own ways, being kind trying to keep everyone happy. But his teachers & friends expect him to follow what everyone does, fits himself into the crowd.NO one realises the importance of being You until the day Chameleon saves all of his friends from a tiger attach by not bleeding in but coming out different.
❣️Beautiful narration & illustrations subtly send the message of being YOU.

We read tons of picture books in this household, These chapter books have been an absolutely hit in our house, the stories are not too long and allows readers to engage. ‘A’ loved it so much that we ended up reading each book in one session.

So glad you enjoyed the readers! 
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