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The Royal Scoop

The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble

Reported by the Royal Jelly Journalist


The Culprit

Princess Lolly’s 89th birthday party was a date on everyone’s calendar and with hundreds of people invited it was set to be a huge event.

However after a main course of compliant foods, the guests were looking forward to the cook’s special…The Birthday Jelly.

It was carried in between two people and everyone agreed it was GLORIOUS!  That is until it spoke.

Yes that’s right readers – the jelly spoke.  “I don’t want to be eaten” was what the jelly announced to a room full of amazed guests.  Princess Lolly was furious and at once decreed that anyone who could make the jelly wobble would get 1001 chocolate sovereigns!

We will be hearing the accounts of those that tried over the coming weeks.

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