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The Royal Scoop: The Twin Guests

The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble

Reported by the Royal Jelly Journalist


The Twins Story

“On the day of Princess Lolly’s birthday celebration me and  Tim were enjoying watching the jugglers when they brought the jelly in.”

“Corr it was GLORIOUS, wasn’t it Jim.”

“It sure was Tim.  So we were really looking forward to a wibbly wobbly jelly but…”

“It refused to wobble!  Now when her Highness announced an award for the person who made it wobble, me and Tim thought…”

“We thought we would rock the table.  You know force it to wobble.”

“But that stubborn jelly still wouldn’t wobble.  It’s a shame as we both would have enjoyed those chocolate sovreigns!”


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