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Super Sized Snail!

Hi Super fans!

Me and Dixie had a big adventure this week. My Dad was out digging his vegetable patch and doing boring grown up things. So we were round the corner searching around for any baddies when we were suddenly attacked by a giant snail! Dixie jumped right to it and tried to chase it away but she got stuck in the snail’s sticky, squelchy trail and couldn’t move! I had to think fast as its big slimy body was slithering towards me and I could see its drooling mouth!! I remembered that Dad put salt out to keep pests off his vegetables so I ran inside and found Mum’s salt shaker. As soon as the snail saw the salt it squealed and dashed over the fence, never to be seen again.

Poor Dixie’s paws needed washed though! Tune in for more adventures of Super Magic Lightning Boy!