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Sinking Seagull

sinking seagullIt was an early morning; Harry, Netty and the others were playing pirates.  Sonny the sea tractor was the pirate ship and Molly was the parrot.  As they were playing they heard a huge squawk!  It was Stephen Seagull; he was trying to catch fish in his enormous beak, but was sinking in the sand.  Sonny, Harry Netty and Molly had to save him but before they did they all said

“What will you give us if we help you?” 
“Scampi can have my two fish that I have caught.”

Scampi jumps off Sonny’s roof and says licking his lips.



“Hand the fish over.”  Stephen surrenders and does as he is told before his head sinks into the sand.  In the end Harry declared,

“I will get ice creams all round.”  And everyone cheered including Stephen Seagull.

(written by Kellece, age 10)