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UluruG’day folks. Detective Jack here with a tail-wagging, ear-flopping, nose-twitching hello.

Well, the Dog Detectives are cycling into the heart of the Australian Outback and by sunset we should be rolling up to that world famous red rock called Uluru. Uluru is like a big red iceberg, because most of the rock is hidden beneath the ground – kind of like how most of an iceberg is hidden beneath the sea. The part of Uluru that is above ground is some 350 metres high and 8 kilometres around making it the largest block of rock in the world.

We can’t wait, people say that Uluru totally ROCKS! I am going to set up my ROCKing chair and play ROCK, paper, scissors with Deputy Poco Loco. Maybe we will listen to some ROCK ‘n’ roll – who knows, maybe the Dogs of Rock will be playing? It should be ROCK-tastic…