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Revisiting ‘the Four Little Pigs’

So last week I said that I might ask my granny to send me back into the book…well I did.  Grandma spelled me back into the Four Little Pigs and I grew a snout again!  It was great to see the little pigs again.  They had teamed together to make the brick house bigger for them all to live in – then inside there was lovely wooden furniture made by the second pig.  The first little pig made us all some tea.  It was really nice to see them again and they hadn’t seen the wolf at all.

“We think he made his way to the Fairytale Forest , so hopefully we won’t see him for awhile,” the third pig told me.  I feel a bit sorry for the wolf – I am sure he must be hungry.  Perhaps next time I visit I could bring some steak from Granny’s fridge?