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‘Perfect for use in Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two’ Books For Topics Adds ‘A Super Sticky Mistake’ to Their Top November Picks

Alison over at Books For Topics has added Alison Donald’s latest narrative non-fiction picture book to their November top picks.

Everyone makes mistakes and Harry Coover is no different. A brilliant scientist, Harry keeps making the same extra-sticky mistake but then he begins to wonder whether it’s not such a mistake after all…

A Super Sticky Mistake brilliantly retells the story of Harry Coover. He was a scientist who worked in the USA during World War Two. He was tasked with developing a plastic that needed to be strong, solid and transparent. His team created a new substance that did not meet the brief; instead creating a super sticky substance called ‘Cyanoacrylate’. Rather than giving up, Harry continued to work on his scientific research and returned to try his new sticky compound when he needed a new material that would be strong enough to stick aircraft windshields. 

The material was found to be particularly strong and useful in so many ways; from mending broken bones to repairing spacecraft. 

At the age of 92, Harry was presented with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for his work; one of the highest scientific accolades in the field. 

The story is a brilliant way to introduce themes of perseverance, determination and creativity. It is full of humour and the illustrations show some of the frustrations of the rest of his team alongside Harry’s optimism; which could lead to some fantastic discussions. 

It is perfect for use in Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two or as a text to read with the whole school in assembly. 

Take a look at the full list over at the Books For Topics site!

Pick up your copy of A Super Sticky Mistake here!