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Outback Stars

ddblogDeputy Poco Loco reporting from under the sparkling night sky of the Australian Outback.  Did you know that the Australian Outback (the same one as in the Outback Odyssey) is one of the world’s best places for star-gazing? The most famous constellation (group of stars) in Australia is called the Southern Cross. It’s called the Southern  Cross because:

a)      You can only see it from down under in the southern hemisphere, not like in places north of the equator such as England.

b)      The stars make a sparkling shimmering cross. Pretty cool, hey?

Explorers of the southern hemisphere used the Southern Cross to guide them when sailing. By looking at the Cross, they could figure out in which direction to sail without getting lost. Maybe we can use it to find our way through the Outback. Who needs GPS when you have the stars to guide you?