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Naughty Seagulls!

I don’t know what’s wrong with those naughty seagulls at the moment, maybe it’s the horrible February weather. They are just so grumpy and rude to me Scampi, Harry and Netty. I got in touch with Nice Bear so that he could encourage the Seagulls to be nice. Nice Bear insisted on bringing Naughty Bear. When they both arrived the seagulls asked “What are you doing here? You’re not welcome.”

Naughty Bear replied “Well I don’t want to be here and was forced to come!”
“Well go home then.” They chirped back.

Nice Bear shook his head, came over and joined us. We had tea and cake and shared many funny stories while Naughty Bear and the seagulls bickered amongst themselves.

You’ll have to find out next week more about their visit to Koob beach.

Sonny the Sea Tractor x