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‘My kids and nursery class loved this book.’ What Emmy Read Reviews Bruna de Luca’s Debut

Anyone like a tale with a slightly dark ending, well here’s one for you.

Fifi is a crocodile and as we all know crocodiles are dangerous. Unfortunately for Fifi she has been born with fur so looks very cute which means no one is scared of her. Her sisters tease her and all her plans to help her situation (like spiking her hair up or hiding in the swamp) just makes her fur look even more fluffier and shinier than ever.
Eventually she has had enough, she leaves home and embraces her differences. All the woodland animals want to cuddle her and be her friend. Fifi starts to see all the good things about being fluffy especially all these new friends, untill she thinks of all the different flavours they might be and invites them over for a sleepover…… After all she’s not cute she’s dangerous!

My kids and nursery class loved this book. There are repeated refrains that make it a great read aloud, my son loves the teasing lines of cutesy wootsy, cuddly wuddly, and I had the whole nursery class shouting “I’m not cute I’m dangerous.” The illustrations work really well with the story and you can see frustration in her face and the cheekiness at the end. The kids all loved the ending but decided they wouldn’t want to be friends with Fifi and I don’t blame them 😁

Thanks to Kate from @maverick_books for our #gifted copy but all opinions are our own.

Thank you Lucy! So glad your kids enjoyed this snappy debut!
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