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Mrs MacCready’s New Year Resolution

Mrs MacCready was ever so greedyHello my name is Mrs MacCready and i’m ever so greedy! Did you have a good Christmas? I did. It started with breakfast. Not too much. I wanted to leave room for lunch. Some porridge, bananas, toast, marmalade, a muffin and a teeny-weeny bit of chocolate. Then I opened my present. I always give myself a big hamper full of my favourite things to eat.

Next it was time for Christmas lunch. Scrummy! You can eat as much as you like on Christmas Day and nobody tells you off! I had turkey and stuffing, bread sauce and gravy, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, sprouts (I love them!), peas, carrots, cauliflower, parsnips, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings, horseradish sauce, mint jelly, bacon and a sausage. I still had a little room left for Christmas pudding. I thought it would be a shame not to try the Christmas cake and I always like to finish off with a mint chocolate or two. I did feel rather full, but it seemed rude not to eat some of the things in my hamper.

Now it’s New Year. Should I make my resolution? ‘I will try to eat less this year.’

Last year I managed to go a whole day just having breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. It was hard work!