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Mrs MacCready’s Mavellous, Munchable, Mini-egg Nests

Not only do I love Pancake Day and Christmas I also LOVE Easter.  All that chocolate…Yum!  But I’ll tell you what – my absolute favourite Easter snack is chocolate nests with mini eggs!  Perfect to make on a bank holiday…So I thought I would share my recipe with you.

  • Get some shredded wheat and crumble it into a bowl (preferably a nice big one, so that you can make lots of them!)
  • Melt some chocolate (you may want to get your mummy or daddy to help you) in a microwave and pour it in with your shredded wheat.  Then lick out the chocolate left in the melting bowl (no point wasting it!).
  • Mix it all together and spoon into bun cases.
  • Put some chocolate mini eggs on the top (you may want to buy an extra packet to eat yourself).
  • Put in the fridge for at least two hours (don’t eat before even if it is tempting).
  • Take them out and enjoy!

So there you have it Mrs MacCready’s Mavellous, Munchable, Mini-egg Nests!  Yum!

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