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Mrs MacCready’s Day Out

Well i’ve spruced myself up a bit ready for my debut into the book world tomorrow (a book reading in Leeds!).  I thought what a great excuse to be pampered.

So yesterday I popped off to the hairdressers.  Well they are such nice ladies in there.  They offered me a cup of tea and a bit of cake…Well I couldn’t resist and so they offered me more!  So I left the hairdressers with a new do and plans to go shopping for a new frock.

As I was going I passed Starbucks and saw this amazing looking cookie in the window.  Well I just had to have it.  Three cookies later, I made my way to a clothes shop (I had a bag of crisps to nibble on as I went round).  I bought a nice new fancy vest and some elasticated jogging bottoms (very comfy!). 

So by now it was elevenses, so I stopped for a bacon butty and a sausage sandwich at the local deli…yum yum yum!

Then there was lunch – a fantastic pizza with lots of extra cheese.  By now I was feeling a little tired from all my shopping.  So I got a taxi back to my house – where my neighbour Mrs Bigwig came over for a cup of tea and a slice of my famous victoria sponge with extra cream.

It was ever so lovely and then dinner was just a concoction of anything I could find in my cupboard.

So I got out my new vest today…Tried it on and it doesn’t fit!  Typical!

Phew!  Wish me luck for tomorrow! 

-  Mrs MacCready xxx

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