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Mix-Up Monday, The Blog Tour – Day One, Q&A with Elizabeth Dale, Mums Book Blast

It’s Monday, and I’m just back from holiday, so obviously I’m in chaos and the family are playing pranks on me. In fact, I feel like the farmer in this fabulously funny new book from one of my favourite picture book authors, Elizabeth Dale on the publication of her 86th book!!!!!

In anticipation of the launch, we had a long chit-chat. She’s also set us a writing challenge, plus we have a few bespoke colouring sheets.

Your latest book, Mix Up Monday, is hitting the shelves. Can you tell us how it came to be?

I normally like to write a picture book with a subtle message, but sometimes it’s good to write something that is just pure fun, especially as long-suffering parents or carers are the ones who have to read picture books over and over again – so they should enjoy the story too. And reading a funny rhyming story is the best fun of all. So I knew the kind of book I wanted to write, I just needed a plot. And I find a good way to think up a fun plot is to ask ‘What if?’ and let my brain go wild. So for this book, I thought ‘What if a farmer gets up late, half-asleep and does everything wrong? How might his animals see his confusion and capitalize on it to have even more fun? How crazy can everything get? And once I started off with the sheep  pretending to be cows and so Farmer Fred tries to milk them, the other animals on the farm joined in one by one and the story seemed to write itself. All I had to do was  make sure that the rhymes and rhythm were right! 

Why did you decide to become a children’s writer? 

I’ve always loved writing stories, and after having been unsuccessful with my novel for adults – which took SUCH a long time to write – I decided I would always write something shorter in future! So I started writing short stories for magazines. But then, when my daughters were born, I was reminded just how lovely children’s books are and decided to try writing them, too, and found that to be the greatest fun of all. I’ve always loved writing poetry, so writing rhyming picture books is now one of my favourite things to do. 

Can you describe where you work and your working day?

I sit by a window overlooking my garden, which can either inspire or distract me!  I’m a bit of a workaholic – but simply because I love writing so much. I am usually on my laptop by 6.30. And then I spend all day doing any admin emails, chasing up publishers, commenting on illustrations etc. but most of all writing, whether it’s editing or writing something new! And  on sunny days I am out in the garden plotting and thinking up ideas. Bliss!

What children’s books have inspired you recently?

Oi, Frog! (pic bok) by Kes Gray and Jim Field, and other ‘Oi’ books in the series – I think they’re so clever

The Princess and the Pea (pic book) by Jonathan Emmett and Polly Bernatene – very funny fairy tale twist

I, Cosmo (MG) by Carlie Sorosiak – such a brilliant insight into the mind of a dog

A Boy Called Hope (MG) by Lara Williamson – another funny insight – this time into the trials of a boy whose father has left home – and turned up on his TV screen.

What makes you happy? 

Writing! Getting a book accepted! Time with family, country walks, reading and holidays in the mountains or by the sea. Oh and it’s so, so wonderful to see children enjoying reading/listening to my books.

What’s your worst habit? 

Untidiness! In my writing it’s using too many !!!s (see?!!)

What are your top tips for budding young writers? 

1.As a child, you are a far better  expert than me on what makes a great, fun children’s book. So you are the best person to write fab kid’s stories. So get writing!

2.Don’t worry about the spelling or getting the words down right at first. Just write away, letting the story take you – getting words on the paper/screen and telling a good story is the most important thing. to begin with. 


Thanks Lexi!
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