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Mission: London Book Fair

Oh no!  It’s only a couple of days until the London Book Fair and guess what?  Maverick’s London Book Fair folder is missing!

But not to worry the Dog Detectives are on the case!

My sources tell me that this folder contains vital documents imperative to the LBF mission.  If we don’t find it, then all is lost.

I’m typing this from the scene of the crime, whilst I’m supervising my colleague, Deputy Poco Loco, do a  search of the vicinity.

Hang on – I think he has the scent.  Wait wait…No false alarm just a red herring sandwich discarded in the bin.  Oi! Poco pass it here!

Yummy………Wait!  Poco’s found it!  Good job Deputy.

Crisis averted.  Where was it I hear you ask?

…On the boss’ desk.