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Mia and Sushi visit Koob beach

sonnyandsushiWe had two visitors today on the beach. Mia and her lovely dog Sushi. Mia said that Sushi needed a long walk on the wintry beach to keep him active as well as herself. I gave them a tour of Koob beach and even gave them a ride which they both thoroughly enjoyed. Scampi later joined us after his appointment at the salon to get his claws trimmed and filed. He was shocked when he saw Sushi the sausage dog, “I thought you were a fish not a sausage dog?” he gasped. He had never seen Sushi before and had only heard me talking about him as Sushi. “Yes I thought you were a fish too and not a cat!” he replied. Sushi likewise had never seen scampi before.

Mia and myself started laughing and I replied, ”What a silly pair of cat and dog fishes!”

Sonny the Sea Tractor x