”It’s the little evocative additions that really bring these stories to life.” The Wolfsong Series as Reviewed by Kate Poels

The lovely Kate Poels, has ventured back to the Neolithic period in Saviour Pirotta’s Wolfsong series, as she takes a look at the second and third books of the four-part series!

The Whispering Stones

”I held up the amulet and looked at it again. In the light of the dying fire, the eyes shone even brighter. They almost seemed to be smiling.”

Wolf has returned to his village with the stolen spear but his life is far from peaceful. Determined to become a shaman, he is gifted a special amulet which gives him seeing dreams: mysterious visions of the future. But Wolf’s rivalry with Rain takes a nasty turn and, when Moon is poisoned, the village rejects Wolf once again. In order to clear his name, Wolf leaves to guide a sickly Moon to find a cure – but it seems other dangers are following close behind. 

The Mysterious Island

Wolf’s rival, Rain, has stolen his precious amulet! Furious, Wolf is determined to retrieve it but following Rain takes him and Crow on a journey far beyond the world he knows – over oceans to mountains filled with fire and a mysterious island at the centre of the world.

We’re so glad you have enjoyed the series so far, Kate!
You can pick up the first book in the series, The Stolen Spear here! And the latest release, The Mysterious Island here!
Book four is due to release January 2022!

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