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‘It will be read over & over again.’ Reading with 2 Boys Reviews Bruna de Luca’s Debut Release ‘I’m Not Cute, I’m Dangerous’

Fifi a baby crocodile was different from others. Even when she was in an egg, her parents felt that she is going to be a fireball. But to everyone’s surprise, when Fifi was actually born as a furball. Everyone found her cute & very cuddly. But Fifi didn’t like being called cute, she wanted to be a Dangerous crocodile. She tried disguising herself into the mud, putting fake spikey thorns over her but all of her plans failed every time. One day she ran away from home to find a place where other animals will find her dangerous, but everywhere she went she was being loved & called as cute. On one fine day Fifi realizes that how much love & hugs she gets from other animals for being who she is, a cute crocodile. She gives up trying to change herself and makes a lot of friends and love that fact that she is dangerously cute 🙂

✍️Bruna De Luca’s narration is beautiful and very rhythmic, it sends out such a strong message to encourage kids to love themselves for who they are rather than trying to change for something that isn’t even required. Teaching our kids being comfortable in their own skin and loving themseleves is the most important thing we can teach them as a parent or community. This story sends out a strong message of self-acceptance very subtly.

🎨Benedetta Capriotti’s illustrations are bright, charming, and very engaging for the story. I love the expressions on Fifi’s face when she is being called cute, or disappointed for not being able to disguise herself or when she finally accepts herself for who she is, that final little picture with a cute wink is gorgeous.

❣️We loved reading this book and discussing how one needn’t change to be loved, people who are close to us will always remain our friends for what we are. With our kids back to school or who will be getting back to school this week in the UK, it is a timely book to read to them and remind them to love themselves and love other people for who they are ❣️

🎁Thank you so much Kate @maverick_books for sharing such a beautiful book with us for review. It will be read over & over again.

Thanks Aanchal!! So glad you and your boys enjoyed title!
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