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‘I would highly recommend this book. It’s fun to read & most children enjoy a good pirate or monster story. My son really enjoyed this book and so did I.’ Pirates Vs. Monsters is Rewarded Bizziebaby Golden Award

The product testers over at Bizziebaby have read and reviewed David Crosby’s debut picture book, Pirates Vs. Monsters – a spooktacular tale of dishonesty and consequences.  With illustrations by Lee Cosgrove.

Nicola Awarded The Pirates Vs. Monsters Book 5/5

The first impression of this book was very good, simple cover but nicely illustrated. My son loves anything to do with Pirates & Monsters, so as soon as he saw this book he couldn’t wait to read it. Ethan really enjoyed the story. The story held his interest from start to finish which is great & even made him laugh which is even better particularly when the monsters appear at the end.  Very good illustrations throughout the book. Both the pirates and the monsters looked as expected for a children’s book. For the first week it was my sons go to book every single night. After that was at least 2-3 times a week. My son loves the way the story ends when the monsters show up, he laughs every time. He also loves the pictures, he likes to compare the different pirates and different monsters.  I liked the story itself, it’s a little bit different to your average pirate book, the story flowed well and wasn’t too long. I would definitely consider another book from this author, I thought this book was fantastic and so did my son so would like to try another.  Great quality for a paperback, nice sturdy cover. Fantastic affordable price for a fantastic book. I would buy this as it would make a perfect little gift for any boy or girl. I would highly recommend this book. It’s fun to read & most children enjoy a good pirate or monster story. My son really enjoyed this this book and so did I.  Myself and my son both absolutely loved this book, it has everything you need for a children’s book, the story is great, the illustrations are great, it held both mine and my sons attention from start to finish and it’s fun. Very affordable price and I would highly recommend it to anyone with little monsters of their own. Nicola Cantwell – Ethan 5 Years

Nathan Awarded The Pirates Vs. Monsters Book 4.4/5

Colourful, fun and exciting cover. The cover was very inviting and my son was desperate to read it, he loves pirates! He says it’s a good book, he really enjoyed it but it’s not his all-time favourite. The pictures showed you what was happening and the monsters on shadow helped to build the excitement in the book. We would read this a few times a week, he also keeps taking it to bed with him to look through the pictures. he says everything but mostly liked the pictures and being able to tell himself the story. I liked the combined two topics that he enjoys. Lots to explore in the pictures together and we enjoyed reading it with him. I would consider buying more books from this author, but I tend to buy books based on topics for this age and after having a flick through them. A good quality book.  Good value and lots of fun and William still wants to read it. I would buy this book as good story and illustration, fun to read and my children all love it. I would recommend for all the reasons above. This was an exciting book that my 2 and 4 year old both enjoyed. They wanted to read it themselves so it encouraged a love of books and reading. Nathan Gregory – William 4 Years

Charlie Awarded The Pirates Vs. Monsters Book 5/5

When this first arrived the front cover captured James attention straight away and he could not wait to read it. Having two son’s who love pirates we could not have been sent a more suitable book for them to enjoy. Both my son’s really got into the story and they were captivated and held their interest through to the end. Illustrations were very good and bought the story to life. We read this on a regular weekly basis as each time we read the story more questions were asked and they enjoyed how the story unfolded.  Both my son’s just loved hearing about the pirates and seeing the monsters at the end. Was a well written book easy to read to my son’s and kept their attention. I enjoyed reading this book to my son’s and would now look for other books from this author. The quality of the book is very good, well written, good story not too long and great illustrations. Definitely good price for this book as well presented and durable. I would buy this book as a gift and would definitely recommend as so entertaining for children. I was surprised as I really enjoyed this book too and we had great times reading the book together. A well written story, fun, entertaining and captivated my son’s interest. Charlie Saunders – James & Richard 5 & 3 Years

Thank you Bizziebaby, and the product testers! You can read the full reviews over on their site here
Pirates Vs. Monsters is setting sail 21st October – Pre-order your copy here!