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I see a pirate ship!

sonnypeggieWe were just hanging out after a session of me singing and Scampi strumming on the guitar, (the Dogs of Rock had to leave us for a very important gig) when Stephen Seagull and Molly came flying over to us pointing over the shore.

“Look!” They shouted. “There’s Peggie Sue!”

We all looked up and Scampi got out his binoculars.

“Oh yes, there she is in her big pirate ship.”

Scampi started jumping up and down and the seagulls where flapping their wings and I tooted my horn, but she didn’t see or hear us as the ship continued to sail away.

“It’s a shame she couldn’t stop by,” said Scampi

I replied, “Yeah she could have used the loo!”

Sonny the Sea Tractor