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How to Make a Beastie

With school starting next week I thought perhaps you kiddywinks would like to know how to make yourself a Fearsome Beastie to show your teacher.

– To start with cut out two doughnut/polo shaped pieces of cardboard (about 5cm wide). The hole should be about 2cm wide.
– Place the rings together and choose some wool (our Beastie is purple).
– Cut the wool into manageable lengths (up to you how long). Then hold the end on the edge of the ring and start wrapping it around the ring by threading it through the middle.
– Keep doing this until the cardboard is covered. If you have used lengths of wool, the ends don’t need to be tied, just make sure they are on the outside.
– Start cutting the wool all around the edge (the scissors should fit inbetween the two rings)
– Pass a piece of wool around and between the bits of cardboard and tie really tightly so that it holds all of the wool together.
– Then you can cut away the pieces of cardboard.

– You can then make a second smaller one for his head. Tie the loose bits of wool together to connect the head to the body.
– Get some googley eyes, preferably yellow and stick on.  Get some small pieces of grey pipe cleaner for horns or cut out of some grey felt.  Then some white felt for fangs.

….Ok so it looks a bit cute to be a beastie!  But it’s a fun thing to do before you back to school!