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Hello from Princess Chloe

playimageDear Bloggers

My name is Princess Chloe and my fairy is called Twinkle. You may know us from Princess Chloe and the Sugar Bun Fairies or even from the front of Hollow magazine.

Well we’re all at Stardust, our local cafe, at the moment.  It is great here, they do lots of smoothies full of fruit.  My favourite is the strawberry whirl one, as it is pink and tastes lovely!  I could wish for one but Twinkle needs to have a break sometimes – we can’t have tired fairies!  However Twinkle says she is saving her magic up for something really special, it’s supposed to be a surprise but I don’t think I can wait!

I’ll let you know when I find out what my surprise is!

Why not email me with what you think the wish is:

Lots of love

Princess Chloe & Twinkle x