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Happy Holidays from the Dog Detectives!

Poco locoBrrr… it is cold outside. Detective Jack reporting from Maine, USA.

It’s all snow and icicles over here at the moment. Good thing I have a nice thick coat of fur. Poor Poco Loco has a thin wiry coat and he has the shivers. He can’t wait until we get south to Florida.

Well, we will be in the big apple, New York City, in a couple days. I am tail over paws about seeing the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. The tree has more than 30,000 lights and is topped with a crystal star. Oh… it will be so beautiful.

Only 5 days to Christmas and I am wondering if Santa will be able to find the Dog Detectives this year. I have to say I’ve worked hard to stay off the naughty list. Deputy Poco Loco is always nice.

It is a bit difficult typing with my mittens on so it is time for the Dog Detectives to get some hot chocolate. Have a jolly old Christmas.