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Football on the Beach

sonnyfootballWe decided to play football on the beach today. I was the referee, Scampi was in goal and Harry and Netty played against the seagulls. Netty kicked the ball to Harry and Harry tried to kick the ball into the goal, only Molly flapped her wing in Harry’s face. “Ouch” yelled Harry

“Wing ball.” I blew my whistle and shouted. Harry then kicked the ball and scored a goal! Everyone cheered apart from the seagulls and Scampi. And before we knew it, the gullies flew off with the ball up into the sky.

“What kind of football game is this?!” I exclaimed.
“Cheating and sour grapes football.” Replied Scampi. The seagulls eventually flew back down after dropping the ball into the sea. Guess who had to go and fetch the ball? ME!

Sonny the Sea Tractor x