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Easter at Koob

EasterWe found a large egg on Koob beach.  It was the size of a boat.  Molly said that she had laid it, but we knew she was fibbing.  ‘A Seagull can’t lay an egg that big.’  Scampi said.

We waited to see if anything would happen and thought maybe it’s made out of chocolate, Stephen Seagull started pecking at it to see if it tasted sweet and rich.

‘Don’t do that, you’ll crack the shell.”  I told him.

But it was too late and the egg started cracking even more.  ‘It’s hatching!’  Scampi yelled and a few more seconds it burst open and Harry and Netty jumped out with chocolate around their mouths.  ‘mmmm….yummy’ they shouted.

Happy Easter

            from Sonny the Sea Tractor