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Dog Detectives in North America

Great Grizzly NorthG’day folks. Deputy Poco Loco here, sending you season’s greetings from across the Atlantic Ocean.

Well, I’m proud to break some news for you all. The Dog Detectives are on another tail-wagging adventure! This time we are cycling all the way across America, coast to coast, from Florida to California. You can follow our adventures on our lovely new blog here.

Between you and me, it’s about time we jump on our bikes and work off some of our Christmas stuffing. Too much eggnog, candy canes, and gingerbread has made Detective Jack as fat as a Christmas tree!

Once we reach California, the land of fruits and nuts, the Dog Detectives are heading to the Great Grizzly North – Canada. Did you know Canada is the second largest country in the world? Oh, I hope we don’t run into any grizzly old grizzly bears.

We have signed up for the Great Rocky Cycling Race. Detective Jack and I have been training hard and I think we have a chance of winning the race.  Hope you are there to cheer us on.