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DINO-TASTIC first review from The Letterpress Project for Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors!

Terry at The Letterpress Project just posted a wonderful pre-publication review of Dan Metcalf‘s new book coming out on the 28th of April Rise of the Raptors, the first in a four book series Dino Wars:

‘Let me just say that the excitement and the fun levels are satisfyingly high!

At the end of the book you also get a teasing little taster of the next instalment in the quest to make sure you keep reading – always a clever little ploy I think.

American born, UK-based Aaron Blecha has done the comic-book style illustrations that feature throughout the book and which will keep the younger reader amused. I especially like the occasional full page illustration like the one of Stryker’s monument that the team stumble on when they first smuggle their way into Raptor City.

I’m pretty sure that younger readers who discover this first book will want to stick with the four instalments and they’re going to look forward to each new publication with some eagerness I suspect.’

Thanks, Terry – We are really looking forward to publication day!

Dino Wars Rise of the Raptors Cover LR RGB JPEG

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