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Day 4: Sid’s Big Blog Tour

Happy Day Four on Sid’s Big Blog Tour! We’ve had another wonderful review of Sid, this time from the brilliant Booksb4bedtime.


Sid and Lulu are always out to do better than one another, they are constantly competing…Who had the biggest chocolate cake? Who can swim under water the longest? Who went on the most exciting ride at the fun fair. When Sid is left without any further fibs, he all of a sudden blurts out literally the most outlandish fib – at the weekend his Dad built a rocket and went to space!

Sid immediately realises he has got himself into a lot of bother, and he sets about trying to make sure his lie is not exposed. Sid paints pebbles to make moon rocks to give to Lulu, but even more extreme, he tells her that his Dad is bringing back an Alien! How does he manage to keep up this pretence?!? Luckily, the pair of them realise that they can enjoy each other’s company and do not need to impress each other by bragging or telling tall tales.

This is such a funny book, and what Sid does is instantly recognisable! My son told us a few weeks ago that his best friend has a black belt in karate, however, when he started going to the same class it transpired, he has a white belt – shock horror. I don’t doubt my son tells the odd fib too. The moral of the story is of course not to lie, and it just isn’t worthwhile, but at the same time it gets across the normality of kids telling fibs.

We love the illustration style and the brightly coloured drawings throughout, with so much going on. They certainly add to the amusement factor – the little alien is so cute.


Thanks Booksb4bedtime! 🙂

Sid’s Big Fib is available to pre-order here.