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‘Brilliant’ Fab review from Gemma and son at Mummy’s Waisted for new Early Readers!

Gemma and her 5 year old son at Mummy’s Waisted enjoyed sampling our new blue and yellow band Early Readers publishing at the end of this month:

My son is between Reception and Year One and I wanted to carry on with the good progress he’d made at school during the Summer Holidays.

The Maverick range is brilliant for this. It’s arranged into coloured bands, with plenty of titles available in each one. They all have bright colourful characters and fun stories. Many of the books in the range have accompanying resource packs and activity sheets (available through the website).

We tried out The Space Race from the yellow band and A Job for Pop from the blue band. Both were very suitable for my son, with engaging words that he could read or spell out.’

Thanks, Gemma!

Read the full review here and buy copies of the Early Readers from Hive Books here

You can either have the books delivered to your home or support your local bookshop by collecting them from your chosen shop who then get a percentage of the sale.