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Book Reading Party

A Jolly good afternoon to you all. What a tail wagging, fun-filled day it has been! Our very first book, The Dog Detectives in an Outback Odyssey has just been launched at the sparkling Lemonade Factory of London!! What a celebration of books and reading it was!

I am pleased to tell you our story ‘Outback Odyssey’ was a ginormous hit. It was lovely to see children enjoying our tails and diggin’ the animated iPad version of the story – dancing bunnies, flying kookaburras, droning didgeridoos. What’s not to like?

Well it was such a hectic day that Deputy Poco Loco and I are right tuckered out. Kids just have so much energy it puts a dog to shame. It is time I polish off the last of Princess Chloe’s cupcakes and read my bedtime story. What will it be tonight…The Four Little Pigs, Get Ahead Fred, Princess Chloe, or Jake and Dixie?

Sweet dreams everyone, and happy reading!!!
Detective Jack…