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Bears on the Beach part 2

naughtseagullsNice Bear and Naughty Bear stayed with us for a couple of days and throughout that time, the seagulls and Naughty Bear argued constantly. We went for a ride and Naughty Bear was complaining about getting wet so the seagulls started teasing him which he did not like. When Netty and Harry came to visit, Naughty Bear complained that he didn’t like children and the seagulls shouted back that they were nice children. When we sat down for dinner Naughty Bear complained that he did not like sausage and mash and the seagulls told him to be grateful for what he got.

Nice Bear apologised. The rest of us laughed and said “The seagulls are as nice as you Nice Bear compared to Naughty Bear.”

Me, Scampi, Harry and Netty agreed that isn’t it funny how you appreciate what you’ve got!

Sonny the Sea Tractor  x