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Back to School

It was a blazing hot afternoon and it was time to start school.  Everyone was excited, especially Netty.  She was about to start year 1 and was bubbling with excitement.  When she got to school she met some of her friends Leah and Mia.  Harry was a little more nervous and was quiet until all his mates ran up to him and started play fighting with him. 

The day flew by so quickly, in fact there were hardly any lessons and Harry and Netty were keen to stay with their friends even when school had finished for the day.  In the end, Harry and Netty headed off to the beach with all their friends and joined Sonny, Scampi and the seagulls and played Rounders, “It”, Piggy in the middle and few more other games followed by ice creams all around. Again!

Written by Bria age 10

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