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Aussie Camels

camels in AussieGood Morning! Deputy Poco Loco here, barking with excitement. What a morning we have had. As the sun rose, the Dog Detectives were riding high atop camels (yes there are camels in the Outback…Lots of them!). A dogolistic thrill of thrills I tell you! Detective Jack, camel rider extraordinaire, did not fall off as I expected. He might be ready for the Camel Cup race after all.

Camels aren’t the grumbling spitting stubborn animals they are often made out to be. Camel’s slipper-like feet make hardly any noise. It was so peaceful that could hear the wind sighing, the call of a kookaburra and the sound of the eucalyptus leaves rustling. That is until Detective Jack let out a ripper of a burp. It must have been all the pies he ate, hee hee.