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Another party!

fredblogpedThere’s going to be a big party at Koob beach and all my friends will be there. I love a party and, after deciding what to wear (my favourite glittery fedora of course!) I will head down the cliff to meet everyone. Harry and Netty said they will bring lots of tasty treats to eat, with multi-coloured fruit and veg, marshmallow kebabs and jelly. All the bears will be on their best behaviour at the buffet (though I’m sure Greedy Bear’s plate will be bigger than everyone else’s!).

The Dogs of Rock might pop down quickly to play ‘Happy Birthday’ and Sushi the Sausage Dog is supposed to be accompanying them on the tambourine. Fairy Twinkle and Princess Chloe I am sure will be the first on their feet!

Fantastic! I’m very excited!